Tv Reporter taking my voice away !

I recently saw a post on a tv reporter’s Facebook page, that was talking about a current news story. There were a few people who commented on the story, then when I went to talk about the story, the reporter said that she deleted my comment, saying that it may offend her viewers. That is bull. She went on saying I was generalizing, and that my comment was not an opinion. I have views, just like everyone else. I have a right to free speech, just like everyone else. What is even worse she is going against my constitutional rights, refusing to let me air my views on her Facebook page. What the nerve to do something like that. I then continued the conversation through private message. I went on to tell her, that she apparently was not aware that all stories might start a debate, which my intentions on her Facebook page was to not start one. She replied that she was fully aware of her responsibilities as a journalist is. She told me about her 7 years of experience as a journalist, and about her many viewers that followed her throughout the years. This has nothing to do with threatening to take away my freedom of speech. She has to be aware that some viewers might feel offended, and I’m sorry if it does, but it is life.

And that is how I see it.



Each memory, is like writing a chapter.

Hi, everyone !

For me, everyday, is another day to me. I still struggle with having bipolar. My medication is helping me, somewhat, maintain a healthy day. But then there are the times my blood races, my moods swings, ALOT, and I want to leap out of my body. Panic attacks, especially when I am around people. Man ! It takes a lot to just express all those feelings, from just a few sentences. Verbally, I can’t tell people my feelings, but I sure can write about it. I have enough thoughts to write an entire book. Each memory, is like writing a chapter.

I have to stop writing, or I will start panicking again. I have my limits. I am trying to write somethings down, every morning, afternoon, and night. There may be times, that I just needed to write things down right then, while it is fresh in my mind.


Starting to write book about my life experiences

Hi, everyone ! Hope you all are doing well.

Just wanted to let you all know, that I am in the process of starting to write a book about my life experiences. I may even include my experiences, up into the part where my life entered into the Alabama mental health system. My grammar may be off, but I still plan on writing it.

I think a lot of my manic depressive issues started at a young age. Being around people who would bully, intimidate, and manipulate me. I have so many random built up thoughts and flashbacks about it. I have nightmares about it. I don’t wake up screaming, thank God, but they are still nightmares to me.


A letter to my friend, Tom, that died in a car collison

Dear Tom,

You crossed my thoughts today, Tom. I could feel the pain that you felt when you left this earth, but I now can feel the victory that you have now, being with the Lord. You may be in the heavens, or another realm, but I know you can hear the thoughts from my heart. You left so many people that loved you, and you touched us in so many ways, millions of words can not express it. I know you can sense the tears that are running down my face. I can remember the fellowship we had walking down Main Street, during Christmas, while having roasted chestnuts from a fire, and the Christmas gifts that you brought us. I also remember your great everlasting meals that you cooked for your friends, even the time that you help me celebrate my 40th birthday. You were a very giving person, and I know that God is rewarding you now. Now, as the days go by, everyday will be thought of you, when I or someone else glances the heavens above, or walks the sands of the beach, or looks at the midnight moon, your name will be in our hearts. I Love You, Tom. Thank you, God, for giving him life. And God’s children said, AMEN